April 22, 2019

Best area rug cleaning San Antonio TX

Welcome to area rug cleaning San Antonio TX! We specialize in the quality cleaning of all types of area rugs. We offer free pick up and delivery, with a turn around time of only 2 weeks.

You probably knew that having a clean oriental carpet and rug preserves its value, extends its usefulness, contributes significantly to a healthy indoor environment, and enhances your personal décor. What you might not have known is that there are three disastrous mistakes you can make when selecting your quality oriental rug cleaning: Choosing to have your surface cleaning in your home, choosing a low-priced/low quality rug cleaner, and choosing a cleaner that chooses shortcuts over quality cleaning procedures.

Rugs are one of the most beautiful additions to any room. It finishes a room’s look by adding texture, color and warmth. Depending on the furniture placement and room’s layout your rugs may be exposed to heavy foot traffic. In those circumstances, caring for your rugs requires more than spot cleaning or weekly vacuuming. Area Rug Cleaning have been professionally trained to clean any type of rug, particularly when it comes to stubborn stains from ink, juice, coffee, pet accidents and other spills. Our proven cleaning techniques produce amazing output, returning the area rug back to its original shine and luster.

We care from the most basic to the finest rugs from all round the TX. Utilizing the best procedures, we customize the cleaning process for the needs of each individual rug. We also have the specialize equipment to wash the rugs without causing them to lose color, tear, wrinkle and shrink. We are focused on providing a redefining approach towards the area rug cleanings.
Our service is customer friendly and emphasized on fulfilling your all needs.
Our area rug cleaning service includes:
• Rug evaluation and inspection
• Mildew and water solutions
• Per odor removal or pet stain removal
• Moth repellent / stain repellent
• Hole reweaving / fringe replacement
• Edge serging and binding
• Rug storage and rug protection
• Rug repairs
• Custom rug pads

April 18, 2019

Modern & Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Sets You’ll Love

fci-LondonAre you looking for the latest modern & contemporary furniture sets to breathe new life into your bedroom? Contemporary bedroom furniture brings in a fresh, clean look that blends elegance and comfort. The bedroom is where you retire to after a long or stressful day at work.

Picking the right furniture can help create the perfect mood and feel of your bedroom; similarly, the wrong choice may turn the bedroom into a dull, uninspiring space. At FCI London, we pride ourselves on stocking the latest, original modern and contemporary bedroom furniture sets that you’ll adore. The beauty of them is: less is more!

Below we compiled a list of some design ideas for modern and contemporary bedroom furniture – be inspired and admired!

  1. modern-living-room-furniture-at-FCI-London-showroomCombining contemporary and glamour: contemporary furniture is all about being modern and stylish. But you can add some glamour in the design for a more authentic, unique feel. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg in order to attain glamour! Textured pillows here and cable knit throw blankets there, an upholstered headboard, fancy ceiling fixtures; all these are small, cost-effective ways of blending glamour and contemporary design for your bedroom furniture. If you’re bold and not tied to the traditional way of doing things, you can try using white leather on your headboard. Flowing curves at the base of the bed are a great way of creating a spectacular finish. Get two swivel nightstands and place one on either side of the bed. The stainless base steel creates a perfect contrast. This design won the 2010 Milan Award and at FCI London, we can replicate the style for both King- and Queen-sized beds.
  2. Having fun with contemporary colours: although most contemporary furniture nowadays comes readymade, you can use colour schemes cleverly to create a livelier, more vibrant feel to your bedroom. White and soft brown colour tones are combined in the form of easy DIY mix and matches. Use grey pillows on a white duvet, a white leather or velvet sofa on a soft brown floor. You can also customize your soft brown bedside drawer so that the drawers are white. It’s not magic, it’s just skillful play with colours and textures. Velvet throw pillows, colourful fringes on the duvet’s end, and other simple tricks can do magic to the eye.
  3. FCI-London-showroom-in-LondonStyle it like an Italian: contemporary Italian bedroom furniture never disappoints. Italian design combines the traditional, oriental, and modern looks perfectly. And of course, with some style and swag in it. At FCI London, we have the Italian-made Kaiman Alia Ultra-Modern Bed and it’s quite a piece of art.  The wooden headboard is curved while the main frame is upholstered with an alligator-like skin. Its chrome feet complete the somewhat romantic, unique look of the bed. Now, who doesn’t fancy a bed that stands out?
  4. Blending modern and oriental design: although no longer as popular today as in the last century, oriental furniture design still has its lovers. Again, FCI London has a variety of oriental and modern bedroom furniture designs that you can never go wrong with. The Fujian Modern Bed 3-piece set is one good example: it’s a King-size bed that comes with 2 nightstands all as one set. The nightstands are removable and asymmetrical, meaning that they’re perfectly balanced on either side to give the impression that they are part and parcel of the bed. Oriental furniture is synonymous with durability and the Fujian Modern Bed doesn’t disappoint. Its 26 inches-high frame is made of solid hardwood, with the nightstands finished in a lovely Wenge Veneer.  For more details on this Japanese-made bed, talk to us on +44(0) 208 9617780.
  5. Nova Domus Alexa Italian Modern Grey Bedroom Set: this is another fantastic Italian brand that you’ll find exclusively at FCI London. When it comes to style and comfort, Italian designs are the way forward. The Nova Domus Alexa has a sleek, streamlined style, it’s low to the ground and has a sunken bed frame which always helps keep the mattress in place. The sturdy hardwood used to make the bed frame has some nice wood finishing. Unlike most beds in this category, this one has two drawer nightstands (soft-closing) on one side and a 6 drawer-dresser for maximum storage space.  Made of high-quality stainless steel, the nightstands and dressers can also double up as pulls. It’s grey in colour, has a sleek modern design and is famed for the comfort it offers. You’re assured of sound sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and stylishly well rested. Get this Italian-made piece of art at the best price from FCI London.

contemporary-furniture-at-FCI-LondonFeel free to pass by our FCI London showroom any day from Monday to Saturday during our working hours. Shop for the latest modern and contemporary bedroom furniture sets offered at the best prices. Our team of fitters is always on standby to help you assemble the furniture after purchase. With over 700 different brands and designs of furniture to pick from, you surely can never go wrong with FCI London.

Our customer care team, interior designers, specialists, and furniture fitters will all ensure you get the product and style you’re looking for. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Be eligible for the best offers and discounts when you make your purchase online! As we usher in 2019, get the latest furniture trends of the new year with our exclusively designed modern and contemporary bedroom furniture sets at the best prices.

FCI London has over 25 years of experience in the furniture industry. We are experts in working with all shapes and designs of bedrooms. Work with our very able interior designers and specialists to create the perfect bedroom in 2019. It gives us great joy working closely with our clients to help them achieve the look and design of their preference. The beauty of it all? We’re offering incredible offers for all bedroom furniture sets you purchase between today and January 2019. Hurry now while stocks last!


April 18, 2019

About ADI Leak Detection Services Company

ADI-Leak-Detection-CompanyWe are a profession leak detection company in the UK you that provide exemplary services at friendly prices. We are a team of qualified and certified engineers and plumbers who are dedicated to providing fast and reliable water leak solutions. Reach out today on 0333 200 5443 or through our toll-free number 0800 731 3843.

All our technicians are licensed and Gas Safe certified to perform all inspections and repairs involving water leaks. You rest assured of unmatched quality with a fast response time to alleviate your leaky problem.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a fast, friendly and professional service that will leave you smiling.
  • We are registered and licensed under CHAS
  • Our well-stocked vans are always on standby to respond to your emergency.
  • All our staff are covered by an insurance cover
  • We use non-intrusive leak detection methods maintaining the integrity of your property.

If you require leak detection services in all of U.K, give us a call today on 0333 200 5443. Join our growing list of happy and satisfied clients.

April 4, 2019

Maximize Life Chiropractic Chiropractor in Denver Colorado

Chiropractors diagnose and treat neuromuscular-skeletal disorders (problems in nerves, muscles and joints) and how these disorders affect the nervous system of the body.

Every cell in the body is innervated or affected by the function of the nervous system. When there is a problem with the nervous system this is usually due to a misalignment in the spine but can be any other joint in the body.

This misalignment can compress nearby nerves, causing inflammation, a localised protective muscle spasm and a loss of function – What Chiropractors call a SUBLUXATION.


Think of a SUBLUXATION like having a telephone conversation with a poor signal! You can talk to each other but you can’t make out what the other person is saying clearly enough for a proper conversation. The body works in the same way with signals going from the brain to its target area and back again.

By re-aligning the affected joint, the muscle spasm is reduced which in turn reduces the pressure on the nerve restoring normal function to the nervous system.

When your nervous system doesn’t work correctly, you don’t work correctly. And when you don’t work correctly, you’re sick! Simple as that. Nerve compromise can result from postural distortions that are easily revealed with a few simple tests. Consult Maximize Life Chiropractic Chiropractor in Denver Colorado for evaluation!

March 12, 2019

Office Phone System Solutions

Polycom Voicestation 500 – A Bluetooth Enabled Polycom Speakerphone

The Polycom Voicestation 500 is a high-quality Bluetooth enabled conference speakerphone suitable for smaller conference rooms (3 – 4 people), small offices and home office phone systems.

This ideal device for a small conference room, the Polycom Voicestation 500, comes from the acknowledged #1 maker in conference speakerphones, Polycom. Amongst it many features, the Polycom speakerphone performs high on voice quality reception and delivery through Polycom’s patented Acoustic Clarity Technology.

Related image

Typically, for handsfree talking on a speakerphone or for a conference call, a speakerphone is usually available with a high-quality desk phone. The drawback is that the voice quality of a desk speakerphone cannot match the audio technology of a Polycom speakerphone meant for conference calls. The Voicestation 500 is designed for multiple people to be talking and listening at the same time around the room. What’s more, with a regular speakerphone, you really need to be very close to the speakerphone to hear what people saying or for them to make out what you are saying. With the Voicestation 500, you can move around the vicinity of your desk area instead of being locked down and positioned over the speakerphone.

High Voice Quality With Range of Up to 7 Feet And 360 Degree Coverage

The Voicestation 500 offers high voice quality with a microphone range of up to 7 feet and a 2.4 GHz wireless technology. This device is cordless, so you need not worry about annoying wires cluttering the floor; and it is very lightweight and compact, making it ideal to place on top of a working table, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space. This device offers excellent sound quality that it seems as if you are talking to someone only a few feet away from you, even if they are in a different room or a different location. You can even use the device to connect to Bluetooth-enabled cell phones.

Bluetooth Connectivity – Syncs Up With Cell Phones & Skype – Facilitates Open Communications

The Polycom Voicestation 500 comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. A user can connect it to both a landline, or else from a cell phone. This ability to connect to a cell phone via blue tooth means that you can literally place this Polycom conference speakerphone anywhere, and whip out your cell phone to make conference calls. You can even make a call through the internet, through Skype or any other internet calling services. If you have a Voice of IP line (eg. Vonage or Packet 8 Voip lines), you can plug this phone the same way as the VoIP line has been set up with a regular phone. Note that this is an analog phone and will not connect directly with a digital PBX system.

Many users working in small offices, mobile offices or home offices say that the bluetooth feature has really freed them up in terms of their options to converse one-on-one with others or hold phone group meetings. The opportunity for increased communications is boundless. One user said that everyone in the office has his or her cell phone synced up to this conference speakerphone unit. That allows any person to set a conference call up with his or her cell phone; or else they can instantaneously to turn a one-on-one cell phone conversation to a conference call that includes additional team members. No need to hang up, redial or schedule a separate time to call, all of which are time wasters. As a comparison, this Bluetooth feature is a step up from the Voicestation 300 model that does not have the feature.

For small office and home office users, the Polycom Voicestation 500 offers a lot of flexibility in communications. If you conduct a lot of business through the cell phone, the Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to pick up your cell phone calls through the Voicestation 500, or else dial outbound through your cell phone line.

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The Right Choice For Small Conference Rooms, Offices And Home Offices

At under $400, the Polycom Voicestation 500 is also relatively inexpensive compared to other conference speakerphones models with the same features. You can use it with a regular phone line, cell phone or with internet calling services like Skype.

Higher range models like the Polycom SoundStation conference phone could be an alternative, but if the conference room or area you are planning to set this up in is small for 3 to 4 people, there is no need to spend several hundred dollars more. It also comes equipped with dynamic noise reduction, which is ideal for rooms with background noises like fans or air conditioning. The Polycom 500 automatically reduces the background noise to provide clear conversations for users. It is also very easy to install as the package comes with detailed and precise instructions.

To sum up, the Polycom Voicestation 500 offers the best quality voice conferencing technology. It is also very affordable, which is what makes it perfect for those who are just starting operations on a new business or company. With its range of features and sound quality, it can be the centerpiece of a small office or home office phone system. Ever since its release, this device has already received a lot of good feedback from those who have experienced using it.