4 Best FREE Traffic Sources to Easily get Visitors to Your Site

In this post I’ll be covering the best free traffic sources so keep scrolling.


Pinterest may be my favorite social platform to drive traffic.


Because it’s the on social media platform where each time you publish a piece of content, it get even more popular as time goes on. On the other hand, social media platforms like Twitter, if you post something, it dies after a few hours.



Google is my favourite traffic source of all time.

Since that’s where most of the traffic for my site comes from. It can become quite complicated to get traffic from Google.

However, once you understand some concepts and tactics, you’ll pretty much get the hang of it.

Learn how to get traffic to your site.



YouTube is an underrated source of traffic

Sure, people think of YouTube all the time but I still think it’s underrated.

You see, people think YouTube has too much competition when that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you type a keyword into Google and see how many results show up compared to the same keyword being typed in YouTube and seeing how many results show up…

…typically, the YouTube results will have a lot less competition.


Quora is a fantastic traffic source.

If you know how to entice people in your posts, you definitely be able to drive traffic to your site.