2 Electrical Safety Tips You Must Know

Electricity can kill you if there’s a big enough shock.

You see, our bodies are 70% water and water is able to conduct electricity.

So if you were to get a big enough electrical shock it would burn your entire body to a crisp.

These things have actually happened to people who were not careful enough around electricity.

If you don’t want to be yet another fatality to electricity then listen up…

…in this post I’ll be sharing some of the best electrical safety tips.

1. Stay away from naked wired

You see, when you buy chargers for your devices like your phone and laptop… the wires are plastic.


Because the plastic does not conduct electricity.

Also, when you cut open the wire it is typically covered by copper because this is another protective barrier against the electricity escaping and even burning your home.

So when you see wires that are not covered, make sure they’re unplugged and put it in the bin.

2. Don’t put your fingers in the socket


If you have kids, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

They’re always putting their fingers into holes and doing the most dangerous things possible.

I still remember when I was a kid and I was putting my fingers into sockets.

It never shocked me but I was still at risk.


I remember this one time when the socket was broken.

My brother went up to it and started to mess around with it.

A big burst of electricity came bursting out and was a hair away from hitting his eye.

If it had hit his eye, he would be blind today.

He’d manage to miss that big spark of electricity by luck and was left with a bruise under his eye.


So these are my top 2 electrical safety tips everybody should be following.

If you know anyone that has kids, make sure to forward this to them.

Have any electrical safety tips? 

Comment below…