How to Inspect Your Fence

As winter gives way to spring, it is time to inspect your fence to see how well it survived the cold season. Your inspection will tell you whether you need to call for a fence repair. Use these tips to inspect your fence and make sure it is still in great condition:

  • Walk Along the Fence

The best way to start your fence inspection is to walk along the fence to see if anything noticeably stands out to you. It might be helpful to use a diagram where you can clearly mark any issues that you see. Your preliminary walk-through will tell you if you have any issues that require immediate attention from a fence repair company.

  • Check for Loose Nuts and Bolts

Once you have marked the visible issues, take a closer look at the fence. Look for any nuts, bolts, or screws that seem like they are too loose. Issues with nails can affect the overall condition and stability of the fence.

  • Pay Attention to Fence Material

Whether you have a metal or wood fence, it is important to make sure that the material is intact. If rotted wood and rusted metal are not fixed, the entire fence could be in jeopardy of collapsing. Mark down any issues that you see with the material. Once you know the extent of your damage, call the fence repair company to return it to its original condition. If there are a lot of problems, you might be better off having a whole new fence installed.


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