Invisalign by the best Mokena Dentist

Traditional orthodontic treatments have included unattractive metal braces and retainers used to continually straighten the teeth of teens and adults. Metal braces use a series of bands, brackets, and wires to slowly pull teeth together that are spaced or crooked. Many adults choose to live with crooked or misaligned teeth due to the unsightly appearance of metal braces used to straighten misaligned teeth. Recent advancements in orthodontic treatments have expanded the various options available for straightening teeth without the use of metal braces.


The Invisalign system is a formed mouth tray that is made from a clear protective material. Each tray is dependent on the level of straightening that is needed for your teeth. The clear trays are inserted into the mouth and slowly align teeth over a shorter amount of time. The trays are removable and can be exchanged at each dental visit for a new series of alignment trays. These nearly invisible aligners are popular among teens and adults that want to straighten crooked teeth in a virtually unnoticeable manner.

Benefits of the Invisalign Aligners

• Virtually Invisible Inside of the Mouth
• Removable Trays
• Straightens Teeth Faster
• Painless Installation
• No Discomfort or Irritation
• No Food or Drink Restrictions
• No Change in Brushing or Flossing Methods

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