Leaking Pipe Advice by Plumbers Cornelius NC

In the instance of a leaking pipe, it is imperative that you call the plumber immediately. Ideally, you should also shut off the water supply, as water systems are under high pressure.

Any repairs you perform yourself will only be temporary, and should be seen by a professional as soon as possible before they turn into something more serious.


If You Discover a Leak:

If you do find a leak in your piping, it is possible to slow down or temporarily stop the leakage until the plumber can repair it. Please note that these measures are only short term and your pipes will still need rapid attention.

  • If the leak is in a threaded joint, tighten it with a wrench. If it doesn’t stop it, it may at least slow the leak down until the plumber can replace the joint.
  • If the leak is from a very small hole, poke the end of a sharp pencil in it and break it off. Wrap duct tape several times around the pipe.
  • Epoxy putty may also temporarily alleviate leaks from small holes.
  • For larger holes, clamp a piece of hose around the pipe. Slit the hose lengthways and slide it over the pipe, then clamp the hose in place with a clamp at either end and in the centre.

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